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ACH VENDOR/MISCELLANEOUS PAYMENT ENROLLMENT FORM OMB No. 1510-0056 This form is used for Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments with an addendum record that contains payment-related information processed
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Hello my name is Laura and I'm a member of Sedona rocks team here at dinner box we aim to make nonprofit fundraising as easy and efficient as possible I'm here to show you how to sign up for donor box create your first campaign and embed your donation form onto your website first things first you'll have to create your donor box account go to donor and click the sign up for free button in the middle of the screen here you have two options if you already have an account with stripe or payment processor click on the blue button on the left if you don't have a stripe account or if you want to first test out donor box and link your stripe account later sign up with your email using the form on the right once you've signed up that we are redirected to your dashboard this is where you will find all of your campaign information as well as some key statistics about your donations if you signed up using your email address click the sign up for stripe button without stripe we won't be able to process your donations so make sure not to skip this step the sign up process should only take a few minutes don't worry it's completely secure and reliable if you already have a stripe account click the sign in button at the top right of the screen now that your stripe account is setup you're ready to create your first campaign click the new campaign button on your dashboard you'll be redirected to the campaign form start by naming your campaign and entering your campaign description to let your donors know exactly what they are contributing to if necessary you can also change the language or currency of your form once that is all filled out click Next the next step to set up your campaign is to choose which donation amounts you want displayed on your form these serve as a guideline for your donors if they'll always have the option to input their own desired amounts we recommend that you add an explanation of what each donation amount can provide for example $60 can represent a semesters worth of school supplies for a child while $2,000 equates to a scholarship for one year's tuition then you can choose to add a donation goal for your campaign if you set a goal a donation meter will be displayed above your donation form making it easy for you and your donors to keep track of progress you then have to set your minimum donation amount the minimum we allow is three dollars as this discourages scammers from testing stolen credit cards on your donation form one set a set you can choose to display a thank you message to thank your donors for their donation if a simple display message isn't enough the next step if the campaign form allows you to customize the email receipt that will be sent to your donors you can edit the subject line and email body as you wish now we get to the fun part the next step of the campaign forum is the advanced setup section where you can personalize your donation form so that it best fits your wants and needs first you can choose to...